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The All-New C-HR is coming...

Shape of the future

The sleek and muscular Toyota C-HR will shape the future of small SUVs, and is slated for an early 2017 arrival in Australia.

An all-new platform, developed as part of Toyota's New Generation Architecture philosophy, delivers sharp driving dynamics supported by a highly rigid body structure and low centre of gravity.


A new-generation 1.2-litre direct-injection turbo-charged petrol engine fitted to Australian variants generates impressive acceleration and responsiveness.

The 85kW four-cylinder direct-injection engine is characterised by abundant torque at low engine and vehicle speeds, achieving its peak of 185Nm at just 1,500rpm and maintaining it all the way to 4,000rpm*.

Strong low-end torque enables the driver to achieve intended dynamic performance at the same time as Toyota's latest combustion and other engine technologies ensure excellent fuel efficiency.

Locally, the five-door C-HR will be available in 2WD and AWD configurations with six-speed manual and continuously variable automatic transmissions.


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